Sailing Master

Owning a boat license means that you are “allowed to” conduct a vessel; “Knowing” how to do it is another thing!

Join our “Sailing Master”: dedicated training trip in winter / autumn / spring weekends, where experts sailors will tech you with passion and dedication the nautical art secrets.

In  3 weekends or 6 days we guarantee the “combat readiness” – the ability to be in charge of a 12 meters sailing yacht, safely, with confidence and mastery.

Training activities take place entirely on board and allows the participation of a gruop of maximum 6 people.

Training will cover the following topics:

  • Meteorology;
  • Sailing Charts;
  • Emergency Procedures;
  • Docking and undocking;
  • Safe anchorage;
  • Rigging and sailing gaits;
  • Offshore sailing;
  • Night sailing
  • Rough sea;
  • Ship maintenance.