Elba Island

For one week cruises, the route that we recommend is the tour of Elba Island clockwise.

In summer time there is typically breezes, however, Mistral reinforcements are quite frequent. More rare the southwest wind and the Sirocco. LAMMA offers excellent weather forecast. Adapt the program accordingly.

Day 1 – Punta Ala

After doing the galley and arranged the boat, we suggest a quick relaxing break just a mile north, in the wonderful beach of Punta Ala. A splendid place just few minutes from the port that allows you to enter smoothly into the spirit of the cruise without getting tired.

Drop the anchor in 4 meters of crystal clear water on the sandy bottom. The Mediterranean maquis surrounds the coast with pine trees that reach right on the white beach, giving great visual contrast and unique fragrances.

Spiaggia di Punta Ala

We suggest a light Italian lunch, a “power nap”, a refreshing bath, an afternoon aperitif waiting for the sunset to color the entire Gulf.

In less than 10 minutes you are back to the harbor, where you can enjoy the night in the Marina of Punta Ala. 1st night mooring is on the house!

Giorno 2 – Porto Azzurro

Take your time and enjoy your breakfast: the harbor Bar churns out excellent croissants.

Boat ready: full tanks, batteries fully charged, all lines in clear.

Ready to sail: route 255 °, distance 14 nm. Mooring at Calanova, a pretty little beach where a great little restaurant stands under the cork-trees. Drop the anchor in 8-10 meters of water. The seabed is not good holding for the presence of Posidonia. Pay out 50mt chain  and make sure that the anchor has set.


For the night the choice is yours. Porto Azzurro is a well sheltered  gulf, only open to the east. The bay is wide and allows safe moorings for anyone. The Marina is on channel 10, in the summer is very busy and a place in the dock is quite unlikely, it is suggested to call with due notice  (numbers to call).

In the evening the center is closed to traffic and offers many restaurants, bars and shops for every need.

Giorno 3 – Lacona

Set the sails! Heading south-east along the coast to 11 nm. Dub  Ripalti cape and  Calamita cape, then cross the Stella Gulf and enter the Lacona bay.

The seabed is sandy and away from Posidonia is a good holding. The water is crystal clear and the end of the beach, uncrowded and well protected from the north.

We suggest to anchor in 10 meters of water with 50 mts chain. It is a good bay to enjoy the sea and the boat. Managed well the consumption: the fridge and lights. Dinner in the cockpit, perhaps grilling on outdoor barbecue good fish accompanied by a glass of Ansonica: typical white Elba wine.

The night will come. No rush! When you wake up you are already on the spot.

Giorno 4 – Fetovaia

7 miles further west you reach the beach of Fetovaia. Perhaps the most beautiful one. The turquoise water and white sand create a perfect setting.

In July and August it is very busy. It is however worth to stop for a quick bath or even better  another night in the bay.

Giorno 5 e 6 – Marciana Marina

11 miles separate the Fetovaia from the picturesque village of Marciana Marina. Follow the coast line northbound to Polveraia cape, through Pomonte where you can see a wreck in less than 10 meters of water.

Il grazioso paese di Marciana Marina con le sue tipiche abitazioni affacciate sul mare

Soon after you will reach St. Andrea and then the port of Marciana Marina. The company “Cantiere di Mola” manages the floating docks and mooring places on the breakwater. Contact them on channel 9 for a berth, even if the summer we suggest to check availability by telephone  (numbers & services).

If  dock spaces are not available you can moor east of harbor entrance, making sure to leave water for the turist boats that  embark on the long pier. The area is bounded by buoys and the Cost Guard in the evening ensures that all vessels are outside the respect area.

The village is very pretty and deserves one or more walks. Therefore we suggest to spend two nights. The proximity to the beaches of Procchio and Biodola allow you some pleasant day trips.

If you like good food we recommend the restaurant “Capo Nord” (better to book: +390565996983), or the “Rendez Vous” (+39056599251).

For hiking, we recommend a trip on the Monte Capanne, with its 1019 m, reachable thanks to a chairlift, offers a breathtaking view over the central Tyrrhenian Sea. With clear air you can see the entire Archipelago, Corsica and the coast of Tuscany.

If you left the sea level do not miss Marciana. A very characteristic medieval hamlet that offers sweeping views of Capraia and Tuscany.

Giorno 6 – Porto Ferraio

Set you sails heading east toward Portoferraio. After only 2 miles on the right opens the gulf of Procchio, a fine golden beach. Biodola is immediately after,  another very pleasant beach. Both are worth a stop. Buoys indicate the distance of respect from the beach, sandy seabed in  5-7 meters is a good place to anchor.

From Biodola (or from Procchio) procede northbound to dub Enfola, a nice promontory that closes to the north the Gulf of Viticcio. Just over 3 miles and you will enter the Gulf of Portoferraio. Darsena Medicea provides a safe haven in any weather and sea conditions. However in high season it is very crowded and we suggest to check the availability of mooring quay (+39 0565-914121). Alternatively, if you procede beyond the commercial dock, there is a very large bay that offers a safe berth. Recently a buoy field was located which allows you to moor your boat and go ashore by dinghy (which is prohibited by order of the Master if you are at anchor).

Portoferraio is the largest and most important town of the island, mainly because of its history. Portoferraio hosted Napoleon Bonaparte from 4 May 1814 to 26 February 1815.

His residence “Palazzina dei Mulini” is now a museum open to the public.

To return to Punta Ala there are just over 20 miles of sea. You dub Vita cape (6 nm with the bow 045 °) for a final tack  (105 ° in the bow) to Punta Ala (15 nm).